Stone Treatment in Chandigarh

Kidney Stones Treatment in Chandigarh

Stones are generally found in two organs, kidney and the gall bladder. The stones formed in kidney are the kidney stones but they even move to the lower organs such as uterus and the urinary bladder. They are of various compositions like calcium or salts and can also be of various sizes. These stones can be broken or diluted and they come out through the urinary pipes with the urine. Here, in Tejasvi Ayurveda, no surgical treatment is required as suggested modern science. We can dilute any type of kidney stone without harming kidneys, this treatment also rejunvuate the functioning of the kidneys, removes hydroneprosis and is also effective in kidney disease. It is also helpful in reducing the re-occurrence of stones.

Gall Bladder Stones Treatment

The second form if stones is the gall bladder stones, which is told to be removed only through surgery, but removing the organ “gall bladder” is not the solution. It is a major digestive organ which stores the bile juice secreted by the liver. So, removing it leads to many complications throughout the life. Hence the best solution is the liver and gallstone treatment. Here, in Tejasvi Ayurveda, we dilute every type of gall bladder stones. In this process pure herbal combinations are used to dilute the gallstones and the come out of the body through the intestines with the stool. This treatment also helps to rejunvate the liver and treat fatty liver, pancreatitis and intestinal infection. It enhances metabolism, purifies blood and control lipid levels too. Hence, it is full body detox and rejunvation treatment. So, we suggest everyone suffering with stones to try our treatments to make yourself healthy and happy.   

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