Ayurvedic Treatment in Chandigarh

Ayurvedic Treatment of Liver disorders like fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, hepatomegaly etc

Liver problems not only includes above mentioned disorders but also High cholesterol, imbalanced lipids, Hyperplasia, Hyperacidity, Gastritis, constipation, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Acid reflux, Ibs, colic diseases, ulcerative colitis, Anemia or jaundice and even Alcoholic liver disease. This all can we well treated in Tejasvi Ayurveda, without any side effects and no need of surgery. Ayurvedic medicines also boosts the liver functions and make the liver healthy. We have 90-95% results in all liver related problems

Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Medicine & Treatment in Chandigarh

In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating. Reduced functioning of kidneys, parenchymal disease, swelling, abnormal flow of urine, kidney stones, ureter or bladder stones etc. are treated in Tejasvi Ayurveda , without any need of surgery & improve kidney function a lot. We have 90-95% results in all kidney related problems. We have treated hundreds of patients and helped to reduce their dialysis and enhancing the kidney function

Gallstones & Kidney stones

Stones are of various compositions. Calcium,Urea, Bile, Salts or any foreign matter or toxins. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating both Gallstones & Kidney stones of almost every size, single or multiple(0.2mm to 40mm or large). Kidney stones sometimes comes in the urinary bladder or pipes. Those can also be extracted out of the body with herbal medicines without any need of operation . We don’t need to remove the gall bladder or the kidney because of stones. We have 80-85% results in diluting gall bladder stones and 95% results in diluting kidney stones.

Treatment & wellness of heart.

 A weak heart may suffer Cardiomegaly/ cardiomyopathy/ CAD/ Angina/ Heart attacks/ Pericardial effusion/ Irregular heartbeat/ Tachycardia/bradycardia/shortness of breath etc. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating not only  the disease but we also work for the wellness of heart making it stronger.We have 80 to 90% results in clearing heart blockages and improving heart function.

Treatment of Uterus Fibroids / PCOD, leucorrhea & other Female problems.

Uterus Fibroids & PCOD, other hormonal disorders, painful or irregular menses, excess bleeding, Leucorrhea , Menopause , Menorrhagia , Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea etc. are well treated in Tejasvi Ayurveda .These problems may even lead to female infertility and other disorders.We not only deal in treating female disorders but also help to  enhance female health and stamina. Herbal medicines  do not cause any side effects and have fast and extraordinary results without any need of surgery.

Treatment of Lungs - Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinuses etc.

Purification of Lungs is very important in today’s life. Pollution, smoking & kapha imbalance in our body makes our Lungs weak & may lead to Asthma, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis , Allergic rhinitis ,Sinuses or chronic cough , shortness of breath etc. Polluted environment in the surroundings of the patient can also cause allergic asthma or irregular breaths . In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating all lung related problems with herbal medicines and improving life schedule of the patient without any use of pumps or surgery.


Treatment of Prostate enlargement & other related problems.

 Symptoms of enlarged prostate may include РSlow & irregular urinary stream, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying, Difficulty starting urination, Urgency to urinate, Frequent urination etc. This may lead to UTI & Kidney failure.In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating all types of prostate  related problems at any age and without any surgery . We have 80 to 90% results and have many happy patients.

Ayurvedic Thyroid treatment. Hyper thyroid, Hypo thyroid, Thyroiditis, Goiter or Nodules.

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped endocrine gland situated in the neck. Thyroid hormones affect Metabolism & Protein Synthesis and body weight.Thyroid related issues like Hyper thyroid, Hypo thyroid, Thyroiditis, swelling of Thyroid gland, Goiter or Nodules can be well treated  in Tejasvi Ayurveda with herbal medicines without any need of surgery and have wonderful results.

goiter treatment
Disc problems Treatment

Treatment of Arthritis, Disc problems, Bone growth, Joint pains, sciatica etc

Arthritis is of various types. Gout, Rheumatoid, Osteo-artheritis, osteoporosis, sciatica or any type of bone inflammation etc.In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating every type of joint and spine  related problems with herbal medicines. The bones start retaining their natural shape, become stronger & pain is reduced and hence no surgery is needed.

Treatment of Psoriasis, Eczema, Leucoderma, vitiligo & other skin diseases.

Psoriasis or eczema , acne / Pimples or allergies occurs due to pitta imbalance in our body. In Leucoderma, auto- immune system attacks the melanin cells and destroy them. In vitiligo there is some deficiency of minerals. All these can be well treated with Ayurvedic medicines.

skin diseases Treatment

Depression & other psychological disorders

A weak brain may lead to  sleep disorder , Insomnia ,  Anxiety, Depression, Phobia, Epilepsy, Hysteria, Ocd, Bipolar disorder, low- weak memory etc. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating all type of brain related disorders and also increase memory power of kids and adults without any side effects.We have many happy patients who are now relieved from brain strokes or fits.

Carcinoma or Cancer

Cancer is a result of autoimmune disorder and can not be treated completely even through modern science. Ayurvedic herbs can regulate the immune system and increase the platelet count resulting in rapid development of the patient. Tejasvi Ayurveda deals in treating all type of Cancer patients without any need of harmful radiations or chemo-therapies and have wonderful results. Patient develops overall as his immunity builds up resulting in good metabolism , improved blood structure and health .


Diabetes have major consequences on patient’s health.High blood sugar results in low metabolism¬† , liver function which leads to letharginess¬† , thickness of blood , low kidney function etc.Low blood sugar have also many consequences on health.In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating¬† root cause of diabetes with help of herbal formulas and improving the life schedule of the patient. We have treated hundreds of patients who are relieved from having lifetime medicines for sugar.

Tumours/ Cysts

Tumours, Cysts Fibromyalgia, Lymphoma etc. can be in any part of the body, like hands, legs, front or back of body, neck or face, axila or in women- breast lumphs. It can also be inside the body which is not visible, like- kidney Cysts, liver or Gall bladder Cysts, intestinal spasms or in any other organ. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating almost every type of internal or external cysts or Tumours with specialized herbal formulations without any need of surgery and have 90-95% result.

Bone Growth or Swelling of bones

Sometimes one or more bones of the body swells resulting in narrowing of joints or acute pain or difficulty in walking or activity. This can also be traumatic or after fractures. Sometimes bone swells is is even visible like a Tumour.  In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating all types of Bone growths resulting in normal shape of the limbs and relieve from pain.There is no need of any surgery or painful procedures .We have 90-95% results in reducing the swelling of bones.


Goitre is a swelling in the  neck resulting from an enlarged thyroid gland. It may be single or multinodular. It can also be after surgery of thyroid gland. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating all types of Goitres by diluting the nodes , cysts and improving the shapes of the gland.We treat these with the help of specialized herbal formulations which have no side effects. There is no need of any surgical procedures

Eye disorders like Cataract, Myopia etc

Cataract, Conjunctivitis, Myopia, Metropia, Poor vision, Blurred vision, blockage in the optic nerves etc. Eye related problems are well treated in Tejasvi Ayurveda.With the help of specialized herbal formulations. There is no need of any surgery or painful procedures. We have 70to 80%  result in treating cataracts and 80 to 90% results in treating blockages of optic nerve and poor vision.

Migraines/ Headache

Migraine is a disorder characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe. Mostly the headaches affect one half of the head, are pulsating in nature, and last from two to 72 hours. The symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound or smell.According to Ayurveda Migraines are due to pitta imbalance and  low metabolism. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating acute and chronic Migraines by roots so that it does not come back again n again  .We have wonderful results in treating chronic migraine patients who were taking medicines from several years.


Hernia is of various types based on part of body affected.Such as Umbilical Hernia, Hiatal Hernia, Inguinal Hernia, Femoral Hernia, Incisional Hernia etc. Hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue. This is a very rare syndrome which repeats in 70% cases after surgery.In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating every type of hernia by attacking on their root cause so that it does not develop again from any other part of body. We have specialized formulations which have wonderful results. 80 to 90% of our patients are well relieved and did not need any surgery. 

Infertility (Male or Female)

¬†Having a healthy child is a dream of every couple. But this can’t be fulfilled when there is any health issue with either male or female. In males this happens because of hormone deficiency, obstructive or non- obstructive Azoospermia, sperm antibodies, subfertility (low sperm count) or genetic disorders like cysts etc. Similarly in females their could be ovulation disorders, uterus and cervical disorders, immunological factors, ovarian failure, hormonal disorders, Cysts, or blockages in tubes. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating almost every such disorder and have 80 to 90% results.


Piles or Hemorrhoids are of two types, bleeding and dry. Both are extremely painful. When not treated it may slowly convert into  Fissure (cracks or tear in the area around anus) or Fistula (small canal which can develop from intestines or bowel to nearby anus). In Tejasvi Ayurveda we focus in treating root cause of every  type of Piles,Fistula or Fissure and have wonderful results.We have specialized herbal formulations which act on reducing the swelling of anal wall , hemorrhoids without any need of surgery.

Hypertension(high B.P.) and Hypotension (low B.P.)

Generally we know that if we are prescribed. B.P. medicines once, we would have to take it forever. But there are such wonderful herbs which can treat hypertension by roots and there is no need to take lifetime medicines. Similarly Hypotension I.e. low B.P. can also be treated.  In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating both types of B.P. problems and have 90 to 95% results.

Weight gain or Weight loss

Being over-weight or being under-weight, both are considered not to be very good for our health. It depends upon our metabolism or may be because of any ailment or could be genetic. In Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating both over-weight and under-weight by there root cause and have wonderful results.We work on diet and life scheduled of the patients along with herbal  medications which make the patient physically and mentally fit.

Patient can consult in the clinic and take the medicines, or can consult on phone or online and medicines would be sent through courier service.