Ayurvedic Treatments Help to Know the Main Reason Behind the Health Issues

Tejasvi Ayurveda is an organization established by expert Ayurvedic doctors in Panchkula and Corporate professionals with corporate experience over many years. Tejasvi Ayurveda has dedicated itself to making its best efforts for the renaissance of Ayurveda. Having health issues is normal. Everyone has different sorts of health issues. But do we focus on the reasons for the health issues we have? Is it due to an imbalance in our daily lives or for any other reason? Is taking medicine the only solution? No, taking medicine is not the only solution.

Tejasvi Ayurveda focuses on other solutions also. According to our Ayurvedic doctors in Panchkula, it is not the only medicine that can cure our health issues. But a focus on our daily routine to make our life balanced as well as contributes to curing many serious diseases. Ayurvedic knowledge with the best of modern practices , state of the art facilities , relentless focus on hygiene , best processes and practices, well trained Ayurvedic doctors and support staff and an end to end software platform , has only one primary aim : “Patient centric Care”.

Tejasvi Ayurveda Clinic Examine Patients Through Various Ways

Our Ayurvedic clinic in Panchkula examines its patients in the following manner:
  • Observation (Darshan): In this step, our practitioner observes the patient completely by focusing on its body shape, size, health, skin, skin color, height, and other physical factors.
  • Touch (Sparsha): In this step, our doctors check the pulse of the patients and listens to the sounds made by the organs, and understands the problems through Pulse Diagnosis, Tongue diagnosis. Heart rate, nails, breathe, etc. of the patients are also observed.
  • Questions (Prashna): After making the above examinations, our experienced ayurvedic doctors ask several questions from the patients. Also ask about various symptoms are also observed, if any. However, we also check the mental and psychological conditions of the person.
Ayurveda Treatment
The patients in our ayurvedic hospital in Panchkula are examined in an above-mentioned way. Our proficient ayurvedic doctor in Panchkula does this to find the main reason behind the health issues I.e. the root cause. As per the Ayurveda, our diet should be balanced and full of nutrition and vitamin that our body requires. A balanced diet plays a major role in keeping us healthy and fit. Along with a healthy diet, we also need to have enough sleep and a healthy routine that includes a few minutes of exercise or yoga. Our Ayurvedic treatment also includes diet consultation and guidance for yoga and exercises or any therapies required for  providing relief to the patients.