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About Us

Founder and Consulting Physician

Dr. Mrinalini Gupta B.A.M.S.(Ayurvedacharya)

Dr. Mrinalini Gupta is Ayurvedic practisinor B.A.M.S.(Ayurvedacharya), specialized in pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis, yoga, diet and fitness expert, having 10+ years of experience in treating thousands of patients with various ailments & even having chronic or surgical problems only through pure Ayurvedic/ herbal medications and correcting the life schedule of the patient through diet and yoga practice. She is Passionate to provide the benefits of ayurveda for the betterment of society through intellectual growth towards a disease free world.

Tejasvi Ayurveda is a place to boost human health through Ayurveda, yoga & diet. Harmless and a powerful ancient Indian technique which not only cures the ailment but also rejuvenate the entire immune system & make body ready to fight against diseases, setting a goal not to let people fall ill and to cure the diseases which are difficult to treat with modern medicines and have considerable adverse effects on human body. To focus on treating the root cause of the diseases to bring sustainable, long term relief without reoccurrence of any ailment and hence help people live a healthy and happy life.

New researches have proved that disorders like kidney and liver disorders, intestinal problems, prostate, joint problems and even psychological problems can be well treated by their root with the help of ayurveda and without any side effects.

Here, in Tejasvi Ayurveda we deal in treating almost all ailments from head to toe with the help of harmless, natural Ayurvedic medications and have extremely wonderful results. We have almost 80-90% successful results in surgical cases like Gallstones, kidney stones & all tumors, cysts, fibroids, bone growth, blockage in nerves/veins, heart disorders, liver disorders, kidney disease , prostate, Hernia, without any consequences whereas modern science suggests surgery. We have hundreds of happy clients who are satisfied with their treatment and leading a happy life.

We are on a mission to make India a disease free and happy world.
So, come, join us , let’s make the world happier.

Aims & Objectives

To promote the use of ancient Indian traditional form i.e. Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, practice of yoga, meditation and a proper lifestyle.

To focus on root cause of the disease, not only the symptoms by Ayurvedic form of diagnosis based on prakriti- vat, pitta, kapha in order to bring sustainable, long term relief.

To stop overuse of unnecessary chemical, harmful drugs and surgeries which have adverse consequences on health.

To educate people about healthy lifestyle, food habits and importance of exercise, yoga-meditation in order to live a disease free, healthy & happy life.

To maintain the quality of our medicines so that the patients could get quick and long lasting effects and save them from painful surgical procedures.

To make new effective formulations in order to get more positive response towards the diseases and try to get rid of all types ailments which are said not to be cured.

A healthy body makes a peaceful mind and a happy soul. Hence we are in a motive to make the world healthy, wealthy & happy.

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